An estimated


of skin ageing is
caused by the sun

It has been revealed that a shocking 3 in 10 Brits don't know the sun can be damaging on a cloudy day, whilst only a 1/4 associate UV damage with sunburn. Yet, science tells us that UVA rays are present at the same strength from dusk till dawn all year round, and even penetrate cloud cover, meaning skin damage can occur in the colder months too.

top uk destinations most at risk of skin ageing through uv exposure

# Location UV Level Recommended SPF
1 Southampton 7 SPF50
2 Exeter 7 SPF50
3 London 6 SPF30
4 Dublin (Ireland) 6 SPF30
5 Norwich 6 SPF30
6 Loch Rannoch 6 SPF30
7 Newton (Powys, Wales) 6 SPF30
8 Loncoln 6 SPF30
9 Camborne 6 SPF30
10 Peterborough 6 SPF30


of Brits don't protect skin
in their own outside space

47% of women are wittingly or unwittingly at risk of using ineffective or expired SPF and around 3.7 million UK adults say they don't do anything to protect their skin when the sun is strong in the UK.

people who use sunscreen with an spf of 15+ daily show 24% less skin ageing than those who do not


Brtis don't apply sunscreen
at all whilst on holiday

New research shows that holidaying Brits spend 7 hours per day in the sun, with 1 in 9 not applying any suncream at all. A whopping 47% only use SPF suncream, despite SPF30 being recommended.

almost 9 in 10 cases of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, could be prevented by staying safe in the sun and avoiding sunbeds

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It's time to make a change

And it's simple. Wear an SPF daily for protection against the sun and UV rays/ agents. Share this page with your friends and family to help educate them and raise awarensess for the need for SPF year round.