healthy skin for men

Did you know due to your male dominant hormones such as testosterone, your skin is up to 25% thicker than a woman's and has a higher collagen density. Your skin tends to produce more oil and have a thicker texture, which might be why you get that oily shine and the occasional congestion or breakout.

Yes your skin might be more resilient and interestingly more hydrated than a woman's but you might not always take the best care of your largest organ leaving you open to premature skin ageing and damage and lets not forget about the harm caused by shaving.

So what can we do about this? We want a quick fix right? Follow these pro tips for healthy skin.

shaving pro tips

1. Shower before you shave. The steam and water will soften your beard.

2. Shave 20 minutes after waking; this improves closeness of the shave as skin is puffy directly after waking.

3. Use a good quality razor and a lubricating shaving cream to avoid drag.

4. Shave in the direction of your hair and rinse with tepid water NOT hot water.

If you are prone to post shave irritation you will want UltraCalming Serum Concentrate in your life, to help calm, restore and defend sensitized skin.

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your go-to cleansers

Active Clay Cleanser is a clay based cleanser that works to balance your skin by absorbing impurities with it's added activated Binchotan Charcoal ingredient.

Special Cleansing Gel a soap free foaming cleanser that can double up as a shaving gel - we love a multitasker.

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your go-to moisturisers

Active Moist is a lightweight oil-free moisturiser for slightly oilier skins.

If you are a little drier and you need some hydration then reach for Skin Smoothing Cream.

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protect with spf

This is critical for skin health no matter what the weather you should be using an SPF every day.

Invisible Physical Defence SPF30 should be your last port of call before you step out.

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