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in this together

In this Together

Professional Skincare Business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Welcome to the Dermalogica resource center dedicated to helping all professional skin therapists manage the impact of the coronavirus on their business. Here, you will find live stream events, master class videos, financial planning guides, online marketing materials, and more, to help you adapt your business and plan ahead. Please check back regularly for new information and opportunities to connect. Stay strong, stay safe.

Get Clean Touch certified

Complete in your own time and learn about Dermalogica’s 12 key principles for enhanced service safety as well as some best practices to implement in your business.

After testing your knowledge and making a pledge to uphold these principles, you will earn your Dermalogica Clean Touch Certification and you will receive a detailed guide as a reference.

If you haven't already, you'll need to register with us and create a profile to book the training. If you're not currently a Dermalogica stockist, choose login as a non Dermalogica student and register with us.

Enhanced Service safety workshop

Supporting our PSTs

For over 30 years, Dermalogica has provided professional-grade products and skillset training to licensed skin therapists around the world. With COVID-19 forcing closures of salon businesses everywhere, we are working to ensure that our tribe of professional skin therapists (PSTs) are supported through this unprecedented time.

Here's what we’ve done to support PSTs:

  • Launched our Affiliate Programme, giving all our accounts the opportunity to earn 25% commission in cash or as a credit on their Dermalogica account.
  • Extended payment terms on orders placed since March and on autoship launch deals for all accounts with credit terms.
  • Reset of Business Rewards Programme from Quarter 2 (April) and annual price adjustment postponed.
  • Delivery options allowing for home deliveries
  • Promotion of account gift cards
  • All educational classes available digitally via GoToWebinar, plus extra on-demand classes and tools to support accounts in continuing to connect with their clients digitally.
  • Weekly coffee chats with the latest information, weekly wrap-ups and peer support via our Dermalogica Ambassadors.

In This Together - Part 1

Skin Therapists, please watch a recording of our live stream event below where we discussed ways to manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your businesses. You will hear from expert epidemiologist, Kavita K. Trivedi, MD, and our own leadership.

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In This Together - Part 2

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In This Together - Part 3

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For more information on how Dermalogica is responding to COVID-19, click here.