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free delivery & double samples: use code FREEDELIVERY


Every skin type needs a moisturiser, yes, even oily skin! Moisturisers are designed to seal essential moisture into the skin and protect the skin’s defensive barrier. They reinforce the natural protective layer of skin by restoring the balance of water and lipids (oil). This is the primary factor in choosing your moisturiser: What does your skin need? More hydration? More oil? Or a combination of both?​

You can select your moisturiser based on its weight. The heavier it is the more oil it contains, and this will address dry, depleted skins. Lighter moisturisers in lotion or gel form contain more water and less oil—some are even completely oil free and ideal for oily to combination skin types.

Our most popular moisturisers are our medium weight creams, offering a combination of both oil and water. Skin Smoothing Cream is a cult favourite to balance dehydrated skin.

  • calm water gel

    calm water gel

    soothing lightweight moisturiser

    Weightless water-gel moisturiser hydrates dry, sensitive skin. Refreshing gel formula transforms into a skin-quenching fluid upon application, form...

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  • barrier repair

    barrier repair

    skin-shielding balm

    Velvety moisturiser helps fortify sensitised skin with a damaged barrier. Use this unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturiser after toning to help sh...

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