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Skin Treatments For Teens

Skin Treatments For Teens

Skin Treatments For Teens

skin health

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When it comes to clearing up breakouts, reducing oily shine and achieving a healthy glow, a professional skin treatment with an expert Dermalogica therapist is a must!

Experience a Clear Start clear + glow treatment, designed specifically for teens and young adults at your nearest location.

What’s involved in the treatment?

The Clear Start clear + glow treatment includes professional extractions to clear congestion, active breakouts are calmed, and skin is left glowing. This 20-minute treatment incorporates some of your fav Clear Start formulas alongside pro-only products and tech to deliver visible results fast.

Personalised consultation

The first step to any pro skin treatment is a comprehensive consultation where your therapist will get to know you and your skin in order to perform the best and safest treatment that targets your individual skin goals. Be sure to share any important information on your health including medications you take.

Deep cleansing

Your skin will be double cleansed to ensure all makeup, dirt and pollutants are removed from the skin and this phase may include tech such as an ultrasonic brush to intensify the cleansing action, getting deep into those pores. Face Mapping skin analysis is also performed to determine the next steps and appropriate product selection. For clean and clear skin at home, use Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash. 

Skin resurfacing

To clear dead skin and sebum build up, a hydroxy acid-based peel is used to remove pore clogging debris and smooth skin’s texture. It’s normal to feel a little tingling sensation at this point. Your therapist will adjust timing and use of tech here depending on your sensitivity levels. Try Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel to say goodbye to rough texture, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation, and hello to clearer, brighter skin.

Pore softening and extractions

Next up is professional pore softening and extractions – this means a safe and hygienic way to remove those blackheads and reduce under the surface congestion! We don’t recommend squeezing blackheads and definitely not inflamed breakouts yourself to avoid damage and scarring. Leave this to the pros! For blackhead softening at home, try Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask a few times a week.

Skin soothing and defence

Last up is application of actives to calm and soothe the skin and bacteria fighting actives to control breakouts. Light hydrating formulas are layered to leave skin fresh and glowing and protected from the elements. At home, try Breakout Clearing Booster for inflamed breakouts followed by Cooling Aqua Jelly for all the hydration with none of the shine!

Personalised prescription

Your Expert skin therapist will complete your treatment with a personalised prescription and advice to help you maintain the treatment results and achieve your skin goals.

To book your Clear Start clear + glow treatment, discover our retail locations for your nearest Professional Skin Therapist.

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