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authorised retailers

authorised retailers

Dermalogica products are guaranteed when recommended by a professional skin therapist. To ensure your Dermalogica products are authentic, please purchase through an authorised professional.

Authorised Salon or Spa

To find an authorised skin care professional near you, please visit our Store Locator.

Authorised online retailers (UK)

Unauthorised online retailers

Unauthorised retailers do not have direct access to Dermalogica product or educational resources. As a result, they may deliver outdated, spoiled, and unsafe Dermalogica products. In fact, Dermalogica can't even vouch for these products, and they may not even be genuine. Beyond that, because these retailers do not have access to our educational resources, these retailers can't provide the professional consultation and recommendation that is so important to the proper use and ultimate effectiveness of Dermalogica products.

The websites listed below that sell Dermalogica products have no relationship with our company and are not authorised retailers. We can't vouch for the product, and we are not responsible for it.