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It is our fundamental belief that students of skin therapy need the most effective products and treatments in the business, and the best support and training, to achieve their goals. We also believe that when your students succeed, you succeed. That's why we are 100% dedicated to helping our partnership schools reach their greatest potential.

education first

education first

When you become a Dermalogica Partnership School, you're set up for success right from the start. Your curriculum becomes powered by The International Dermal Institute, the world's leading postgraduate skin care education provider with most challenging and rewarding curriculum available anywhere today.

Dermalogica believes that every student studying to be a professional skin therapist deserves the best undergraduate support and training to help them achieve their professional goals. We are highly committed to providing our Partnership Schools with what they need to bring their education standard as close as possible to ours.

From hands-on learning with the industry's number one products to our extensive curriculum overlays, we put our knowledge and resources directly into the hands of your instructors and students.

business and instructor support

we give you what you need. Ask our Business Consultants about what our proven-to-succeed business concepts can do for your school. We look forward to chatting with you about reaching your goals and your business strategies! While some brands end their support once their products hit shelves, and others come and go with changing trends, be assured that Dermalogica will always answer your call, and is already planning your most successful future.

Dermalogica education, like Dermalogica products, is researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, the premier provider of postgraduate education in skin and body therapy.

As a Dermalogica Partnership School, you and your instructors are entitled to free classes through Dermalogica, The International Dermal Institute (IDI) and Dermalogica Live. Ask your Business Consultant for more information on instructor education support and events as well how we can help your school stay on the cutting edge.

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business and instructor support

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innovative products

Are you looking to shake things up, learn a new approach and enrich your school with a product that’s backed by 28 years of success? Look no further than Dermalogica! As a Dermalogica Partnership School, your students will get to experience the power of our products firsthand. Whether they're studying skin therapy or cosmetology, each student will receive a Dermalogica product kit tailored to meet their educational needs and help them get up and running

it must be love. We try not to let it get to our heads, but the world’s top makeup artists and beauty editors consistently hail Dermalogica as their top skin care choice. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, widespread brand awareness that will help drive the best instructors and students to your school!

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Get the latest updates, tools and resources from Dermalogica to help you grow and build your school.

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