targeted treatments

  • multivitamin hand and nail treatment

    multivitamin hand and nail treatment

    non-greasy repair and relief

  • skinperfect primer spf30

    skinperfect primer spf30

    illuminating make-up prep

  • UltraCalming™ serum concentrate

    UltraCalming™ serum concentrate

    sensitized skin antidote

  • MAP-15 regenerator®

    MAP-15 regenerator®

    concentrated vitamin delivery

  • renewal lip complex

    renewal lip complex

    conditioning treatment balm

  • climate control lip treatment

    climate control lip treatment

    therapeutic, soothing balm

  • clearing mattifier

    clearing mattifier

    breakout-fighting shine control

  • multivitamin power serum

    multivitamin power serum

    Microencapsulated vitamin serum

  • breakout clearing emergency spot fix

    breakout clearing emergency spot fix

    dab-on treatment that clears breakouts fast

  • concealing spot treatment

    concealing spot treatment

    tinted breakout minimizer

  • nightly lip treatment

    nightly lip treatment

    firms, hydrates and restores skin on and around the lips

  • c-12 pure bright serum

    c-12 pure bright serum

    potent skin brightening treatment

  • phyto replenish oil

    phyto replenish oil

    luminous treatment oil

  • hydrablur primer

    hydrablur primer

    hydrating, smoothing primer


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Your skin’s needs change daily, so treat them specifically with these powerful topical treatments for faster results.

Dermalogica specializes in meeting the zone-by-zone needs of your skin through Face Mapping® skin analysis. When your skin analysis reveals areas of the skin that need extra attention, turn to intense, zone-specific Targeted Treatments that are sure to deliver results.

how it works

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Your skin is as unique as you are, and is constantly changing due to lifestyle choices and seasonal changes! When specialized care is needed, Dermalogica Targeted Treatments become the essential addition to your daily skin health regimen.

Targeted Treatments are powerful, able to help control a wide range of skin issues including signs of aging around the lips, oiliness and congestion in the T-zone, hyperpigmentation (age spots) and identified areas of sensitivity.

Targeted Treatments, like all Dermalogica products, are free of artificial fragrances and colors, S.D. alcohol, lanolin and mineral oil – all ingredients known to cause sensitization. The best way to maximize skin benefits from Targeted Treatment is through a skin analysis and prescription from your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist.

where to start

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Effectively target and treat skin issues zone-by-zone with Targeted Treatments! Click here to start your online Speed Mapping℠ skin analysis and find the products that will address your unique needs.