concentrated boosters

  • gentle soothing booster

    gentle soothing booster

    calming, healing

  • skin hydrating booster

    skin hydrating booster

    intensely-moisturizing fluid


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Boosters intensify attention to where skin needs it daily, helping to customize your Dermalogica Moisturizer for powerful results.

Professional Skin Therapists create custom blends with powerful serums to customize their skin treatments. Bring the benefit of customization to your daily regimen with Boosters! They’re versatile, powerful, and meet your skin’s needs – needs that change daily. With five to seven drops and ten extra seconds a day, you’ll see a dramatic boost in the power of your skin care regimen!

how it works

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Concentrated Boosters are as much a part of your skin care regimen as your cleanser and moisturizer are. They’re the ultimate way to combat your skin’s reactions to the effects of weather, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle stressors. They work well on their own and enhance the effects of other Dermalogica products to make a powerful combination! Customize your at-home treatments for a specified effect everyday. Here are some popular ways Dermalogica skin health experts use them:

Layer under your moisturizer and other treatment products:

Dab some drops of Skin Hydrating Booster around the eyes at night if your skin is dehydrated or extra dry.

Extra Firming Booster has an immediate firming effect in the neck and eye regions – especially on sensitive skin!

Gentle Soothing Booster is great for instantly calming freshly shaved skin.

Mix with your prescribed Dermalogica Moisturizer:

Mix Extra Firming Booster into Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 for a firming effect and a sheer wash of color!

Mix with or layer underneath a Dermalogica Masque:

A few drops of Skin Hydrating Booster mixed with Skin Hydrating Masque makes a dynamic “drink” for skin.

Add a few drops of Special Clearing Booster to Skin Refining Masque for a tough, pimple-fighting superhero masque. (Great for breakout-prone skin!)

Mix with a Dermalogica Exfoliant:

Add a couple of drops of Skin Renewal Booster to Gentle Cream Exfoliant for an extra kick!

where to start

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Dramatically enhance your regimen daily with versatile Dermalogica Boosters! Click here to start your online Speed Mapping℠ skin analysis and reveal which Boosters will help you take charge of your skin.