body therapy

  • conditioning body wash

    conditioning body wash

    rich aromatherapy cleanser

  • daily cleansing shampoo

    daily cleansing shampoo

    sulfate-free hair wash

  • daily conditioning rinse

    daily conditioning rinse

    moisturizing hair conditioner

  • skin kit - body therapy

    skin kit - body therapy

    refresh, hydrate, smooth

  • stress relief treatment oil

    stress relief treatment oil

    skin-nourishing aromatherapy

  • the ultimate buffing cloth

    the ultimate buffing cloth

    invigorating, exfoliating towel

  • travel essentials kit

    travel essentials kit

    refresh, hydrate, smooth

  • ultrarich body cream

    ultrarich body cream

    deep, moisturizing relief


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Designed with the same philosophy that looking good is a product of skin health from head to toe, the Body Therapy system helps you create aromatherapeutic, completely customized and healthy spa experiences in the comfort of your own home.

how it works

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Correct care of the skin on your body is vital to proper health maintenance, as well as the avoidance of the signs of premature aging. Dermalogica Body Therapy products are free of artificial fragrances and colors and deliver an aromatherapeutic, skin healthy experience in-between visits to your skin treatment center, salon or spa!

where to start

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Try the Body Therapy products for yourself, and create an aromatherapeutic skin health experience in your home! Start with the Body Therapy kit that includes take-anywhere sizes of our Body Therapy must-haves.