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skin therapists unite for a little turkish delight!

Picture it – over 2000 Dermalogica professional skin therapists converging on Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most culturally diverse, visually stunning, and highly visited Mediterranean cities in the world. Now imagine their reason for being there is you!

The Dermalogica International Congress connects our worldwide tribe of skin therapists under one roof, all to learn the newest product and ingredient information, what’s hot and what’s not for skin, and of course, how to deliver the most insanely great, results-driven product prescription and treatment you’ve ever experienced.

Dermalogica’s dedication to professional education is expressed through a “who’s who” roster of top industry professionals, joined by our own international league of skin health experts, invited to teach at Congress. This translates into more knowledgeable skin care professionals, all equipped to talk the straight talk about skin health to keep your skin looking its best.

Of course, while Dermalogica takes skin health seriously, we always know there’s a little room for fun. Our group of skin care professionals got quality sight-seeing time in, and we hear they really enjoyed deciphering the different languages being spoken by attendees; all of whom have one amazing thing in common – professional skin care!

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