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mj’s “like butter”

Posted in under my skin with jane wurwand

21Yes, I’m talking about Michael Jackson. I’ve just read that Iowa State Fair organizers plan to create a tribute to The Gloved One by sculpting his likeness out of butter and displaying it in a 40-degree room during the August fair.

I guess this makes him the King of Popcorn.

This morsel crossed my screen simultaneously with news about an upswing in gout. This is in keeping with the royal theme, since the painful arthritic condition is often called “the disease of kings”. Why? Because for centuries, only the super-rich could afford super-rich foods which are linked with gout.

It now turns out that purines—present in sugary soft drinks (back to the Pop reference)—may contribute to modern gout, although I will always associate it with wearing velvet tights and chewing on a rump roast as a serving for one.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that not all emollients are created equal. Mineral oil, for instance, is occlusive and closes off the skin. Botanical oils, like Evening Primrose and Borage oil, as well as Shea Butter, support skin health.

My question is: what will the Iowa State Fair do with their homage when it’s time for this most buttery celeb meltdown?


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