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a story of betrayal

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21You should have seen the telltale signs. Maybe you’ve been in denial. A feeling of heat, tightness, or itchiness after using your favorite cleanser. That little prickle of irritation following application of your moisturizer.

Then one day, there’s the rash that requires you to ice your face down like Mickey Rourke in an outtake from The Wrestler. Those signature staples that you’ve trusted for years, suddenly enemies. Et tu, my choco-fragranced facial soufflé?

In the skin biz, this phee-nom is known as “sensitization.” It’s often triggered over time by consistent exposure to chemical irritants like artificial colors and fragrances. These ingredients are recognized by chemists everywhere as irritants to the skin, but the truth is that pretty colors and synthetic perfumes sell cosmetic products. SO, many skin products contain these trouble-makers.

So get real. If you sense that your relationship with your face, body and bath products has become dysfunctional, seek out a counselor—a skin therapist. This trained professional can analyze your skin (at Dermalogica, we call this Face Mapping™, and it’s free), and set you straight.

And don’t worry—truly, you shall love again.


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