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21We live in a culture of instant gratification. Healthy skepticism is superceded by the desire for thin thighs in ten days, or thicker, longer hair in two weeks, or whiter teeth, plumper cup size, you name it, there’s a product claiming to deliver it.

For instance, many products claim to make cellulite vanish. This is simply not possible through the use of a topical cream or lotion. Manual lymphatic drainage may have a visible effect upon the wiggly, cottage-cheesey stuff we all hate, but even this is a truly subjective call. Yet cellulite cures remain one of the biggest promises in the skin care universe—promises which will inevitably be broken.

You’re after results. What’s possible? Hyperpigmentation, or darkened areas of the skin, may be effectively lightened. Acne may be tamed and reversed. Fine lines and other signs of age may be reduced through exfoliation and hydration. Overall skin texture may be revitalized by botanical components which trigger collagen growth, improving firmness and elasticity.

But how long will it take? Which specific products to use? How to make it happen? How can you know what’s true and what’s not when it comes to skin care? You need to consult with someone who has studied the science of skin and actually been tested and licensed in its care—namely, a professional skin therapist.

But unfortunately, you won’t get a set of Ginzu knives or a crinkle-cut French fry slicer in the deal.


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