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make friends with the double-cleanse

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21Everybody’s always yapping about how “crazy-busy” they are. Including me.

But here’s the really bad news: you will spend more time reading this blog than you will cleansing your skin today. And that’s not good.

You probably spent less than a minute washing your face this morning or last night at the sink. Even less time if you wash your face in the shower. That’s just not enough to get skin into a pristine, receptive state.

Consider all of the high-tech cosmetic products which crow about their ability to last 12, 18 or more hours. Long-wearing foundations, waterproof mascaras, and the new nearly indelible lip stains which outlast talking, eating, smooching and what have you. And sunblocks are also notoriously indelible, made to last during strenuous outdoor sports. So getting this tenacious stuff off your skin each night requires equally advanced technology.

I recommend that you check out Dermalogica Precleanse if you’re in such a big hurry. Use it on your face before washing. It seems like an extra step, but it actually speeds up the process—makeup and grime just melt away. Pick up a sample at least next time your passing a Dermalogica Super Star skin therapist [they all are!] Then cleanse—twice—with your favorite cleanser. The first cleanse just dislodges the surface debris. The second cleanse actually treats and preps the skin for exfoliation, moisturizing and other skin care.

Getting skin really clean is the crucial starting-point for skin which resists damage, recovers well from trauma, and serves as a vibrant canvas for all of that indestructible makeup. So, give it a minute, and then another minute—it’s the first step in a lifetime of healthy skin.


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