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who needs prestige, anyway?

Posted in under my skin with jane wurwand

21I loved reading today that Wal-Mart plans to develop a “prestige” beauty line with Hard Candy cosmetics. That’s a whopper of an oxymoron on so many levels, it’s delicious.

In the news release, a Wal-Mart spokesperson correctly described Hard Candy as a “legacy brand with lots of equity.” I remember when the brand made its stunning debut, the result of a resourceful and fashionable pre-med student hankering for a powder-blue nail polish to wear to a party. At the time, there was no such thing, so young Dineh Mohajer created her own.

That was a lifetime ago, and now a massive (and decidedly unfashionable) corporate giant is attempting to recapture that moment of genius. Not to mention profit. Not gonna happen.

Something else called the Fitch Rating report tells us that the “luxury” market is weakening worldwide. Well, it’s about time. I’m a consumer, and I’m not amused by the notions of prestige and luxury anymore, are you? Like every girl, I need my stuff. But I don’t want it swathed in a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Just give me the baby-blue nail polish and the woman who dreamed it up.


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