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skin health makes its mark worldwide

As a skin care brand rooted in education, information, and innovation, we’re constantly looking for new ways to reach consumers worldwide. Simply put, if you have skin, we want you to know, use, and love Dermalogica!

In 2008, we launched the Know Your Zones tour; complete with a decked out silver Airstream™, Dermalogica professional skin therapists brought the message of skin health to college campuses and notable events all over California. We also launched two revolutionary systems, Shave and ChromaWhite TRx, both of which are still enjoying success as a favorite amongst beauty editors!

But it didn’t stop there – our global reach extended even more as Dermalogica debuted in the Bahamas, Perú, the Czech Republic, and Portugal. This “little brand that could” from Los Angeles has a strong global presence, adding these locations to a heady list including China, India, and United Arab Emirates.

Weather conditions and environmental assaults in these markets make proper skin care a must. But more to the heart of Dermalogica is our dedication to putting women in business. As our global reach expands, more and more women are inspired to become true skin health experts, and to receive top-notch training while retailing the number one professional brand worldwide. We can’t wait to watch as our mission of skin health grows in these markets, and more and more women are inspired to become entrepreneurs backed by the best brand in the business.

Get ready to see Dermalogica more than ever in 2009 as we bring our skin health mission to the world!

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