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Winter is undoubtedly the time for fabulous parties and celebrations; however, the combination of partying hard (drinking, late nights – all the good stuff!) and cold weather, can lead skin to suffer from redness, dryness and sensitivity.


To help you get prepared for the party season, we’ve put together some winter skin care regime musts, to help your skin dazzle:


1.       complete cleanse:

Skin suffering in the cold still needs thorough cleansing. Alkaline soaps and hot water set sensitisation into motion, so switch to an extremely gentle, Sulphate-free, non-stripping gel or cream cleanser. Ensure skin is squeaky clean and fully-prepared for moisturising by performing the Dermalogica Double Cleanse (PreCleanse + prescribed cleanser).


2.       get spritzing:

To soothe and hydrate irritated skin, or simply give skin a boost, spritz our Multi-Active Toner directly over entire face (keep eyes and mouth closed) throughout the day, even over make-up.


3.       masque matters:

Applying a calming masque to red or dry skin will sooth inflammation and inject much-needed moisture through prolonged contact with the skin (leave on for 10 minutes). Our Skin Hydrating Masque is the perfect bi-weekly winter recovery treat for your skin.


4.       maximise moisture:

Winter weather and central heating can cause damage to skin so slather on your prescribed moisturiser to ensure skin stays soft and protected. Chronically dry, mature or prematurely-ageing skin will really benefit from our Super Rich Repair combined with Solar Defense Booster SPF50.

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