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flying high or more flying dry?

Sitting at our desks this month we can’t stop our minds from drifting off to a faraway exotic land to relax our racing minds on a tropical beach. But when the time comes this dramatic change in climate combined with air conditioned rooms and the cabin pressured flight, can leave us looking less flying high and more flying dry! But we have plenty of tips to ensure your skin is radiant, healthy and keeps hold of that summer glow for longer!


TLC tip #1

Treat your skin with respect at all times. Our skin is our largest living organ. As it is ‘living’ we need to remember that when travelling to new climes it takes time to adjust and may become sensitised. So make sure that your skin care regime is on the gentle side. Use a sponge cloth for cleansing and stick to bottled water rather than tap when washing the delicate face area. When applying moisturiser imagine your fingers move like delicate butterfly’s across the skin using light, upward, circular movements. Then when it comes to eye cream, apply underneath from the outer to inner eye, then from the inner to the outer eye above the lid. When applying any product to the skin, keep those fingers feather light. This will not only keep skin calm but also safeguard against dragging, contributing to unnecessary fine lines!


TLC tip #2

Keep skin hydrated during flying. The low humidity on a plane causes essential moisture to be sapped from the skin leaving you looking like a dried prune after 10 hours in the air. Guard against dehydration with a silicone based moisturising gel that will form a barrier against moisture loss. Also try to book yourself a hydrating skin treatment right before you fly and immediately you return … get to the airport early and you can even do this while waiting in departures!


TLC tip #3

Instant redness reducer. If you experience redness at the first hint of any lifestyle change you will need to travel with some emergency anti-inflammatory goodies. To reduce the appearance of redness on the skin apply a soothing booster that contains red raspberry extract. The Vitamin P in the raspberries works by strengthening the capillary walls and helping to reduce the inflammation to avoid dilated capillaries. Keep this product in the fridge of your hotel room for the ultimate skin soother at the end of a hot and humid day.


TLC tip #4

Avoid all products with S.D. (specially denatured) alcohol.

This ingredient can irritate, strip and dry the skin and is often found in toners as well as some hair care products. Particularly nasty when flying as the skin needs all the moisture it can get!


TLC tip #5

The sun is enemy number one to the skin. Daily sun protection is absolutely essential every day of the year but particularly when spending time in direct sunlight. If you truly value your skin you will always apply and reapply your sun block. Look for a minimum SPF15 and apply about a fifty pence piece per limb every hour for maximum protection. There is no such thing as a ‘safe tan’ except when it comes from a bottle!


TLC tip #6

Your skin loves vitamin therapy. Whether in flight or after a day admiring the sights, skin is parched. For instant rejuvenation, apply products with a cocktail of Vitamins such as A, C and E as well as the very healing Panthenol (pro vitamin B5) and essential fatty acids. Find these in power packed masks or single dose treatment products. Just one application may see your skin looking soft, supple and radiating good health. Also the secret weapon for the morning after the night before!


TLC tip #7

Get smooth, silky lips. Use a very gentle microfoliant with rice bran powder which will gently ‘polish’ the delicate skin of the lips allowing your lipstick to have a flawless finish. Follow with a climate control barrier balm to repair damaged skin and seal in moisture.


TLC tip #8

Spritz, spritz, spritz. Hot temperatures and air conditioning cause your skin to dry out as moisture moves through osmosis from the area of greatest concentration to the lowest. Toner can transform this. Not the old fashioned wipe off with cotton pads kind, but the spritz, refresh and hydrate variety. Look for humectants such as glycerol and honey that will bind vital water to the skin for all day long fresh skin. And they can be used over make-up too! Follow this with a lanolin and mineral oil free moisturiser to seal in moisture and acts as a barrier to keep all the nasties like pollutants out. Look for age fighting ingredients like anti-oxidants that fight free radical damage and skin strengthening and firming ingredients like Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate that help improve the appearance of the skin.


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