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thank you LA…

Pride and humility may seem like polar opposites – yet it’s possible to experience both feelings at the same time, and for the same reasons.

The Los Angeles Business Journal recently honored me with their annual “Women Making a Difference” award within the CEO/Business Owner of the Year category. These awards are bestowed in four different categories, and nearly 200 women were nominated this year.

I must give a shout out to the colleague who nominated me, Jocelyn Tetel, Vice President of Advancement for the Skirball Cultural Center. The Skirball is a remarkable place which correctly calls itself “a museum and more.” The New York Times calls it “lesson on how to connect the eye, the heart and mind,” and it’s one of LA’s leading cultural venues. Not so long ago, the Skirball Cultural Center hosted an exhibit based on “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunities for Women Worldwide,” The New York Times bestseller which inspired me to found our global women’s microlending nonprofit called joinFITE in January, 2011. In the process, I met Jocelyn Tetel. So, all I can say is “thank you, Jocelyn.”

When I attended the luncheon for the nominees at the J.W. Marriott in downtown Los Angeles, surrounded by my loyal team, I didn’t honestly expect to receive any awards. We all felt that it was just great to be nominated and I can truly say that this honor took me by surprise.

To be recognized on the basis of my work by a committee who deals every day with the international corporate world’s movers and shakers makes me feel the opposite of puffed-up and haughty. I feel very humble, and I’m very glad to be making a difference in Los Angeles and elsewhere. I had. To make a few comments as I accepted the award and as I thought back on the ‘journey’ I thanked our Tribe of Skin Therapists and the team at Dermalogica, but also the actual city of Los Angeles for always cultivating a unique atmosphere that encourages creativity, fearlessness and entrepreneurship. I think our success could only have happened in LA — so “thank you” Los Angeles, City of Angels, it couldn’t have happened without YOU!

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