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happy fathers day, I really care…about your skin

Father’s Day is approaching and it’s the perfect time of year to remind the men in your lives just how much you care…about their skin! Skin health is just as important for men as it is for women, which is why we’ve compiled some guy-friendly grooming tips. Amaze the men in your life and be the oracle of knowledge by wowing them with some of our guy friendly grooming tips!


A nice place to start..clean

The first step? Wash your face! Use a deep-cleansing face scrub to lift up hairs and remove dead cells. Massage over your face, paying special attention to your beard area, nose and chin.


After washing off that dulling surface debris, properly prep skin with a pre-shave product to soften tough hair and minimise razor burn and bumps.  Why do you need to clean and soften skin before shaving? According to TV and Broadway makeup artist Joel Mendenhall, “this will decrease the cuts or in grown hairs that shaving may cause.”


The smoothest shave

Next, apply your shaving cream and grab a new razor (hey, we’re celebrating! Go ahead and splurge.) Annet King, Dermalogica’s Director of Global Education, recommends to shave with the grain – not against it – to prevent razor burn and cuts.


Pop quiz! Do you know the order of when to shave what parts of your face? Don’t worry if you’re at a loss – Annet knows all the tricks! Start with the sides of your cheeks, move to the neck, then chin and finally the upper lip – which has the toughest hair.


And finally…

“Always use a moisturiser,” says Joel Mendenhall, “this will leave the skin softer and keep you looking younger.” (We totally trust him, he’s the Make-up artist to all the American celebs!)


So there you have it.. super easy and manageable for even the toughest busiest blokes!


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