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rain, rain, go away…

I think it’s safe to say, in the UK we have just about had enough of this rain! We appreciate that we need a bit of rain for the garden but a little break every now and again wouldn’t hurt! We can hope, or even dream that warm sultry evenings sipping Margarita’s in the garden are still to come. Fingers crossed we can still wear the new strapless dress we bought and take the opportunity to show off our summer ready skin.


At the moment these summer dreams seem worlds away but when the sunshine does decide to make an appearance the British instinct is to strip off…but it is vital that you prepare your skin before exposing it, either at home or abroad.


Every moment we are exposed to daylight (not just sunlight) adds up and is stored by the skin and 5 or 10 years down the line we look in the mirror in shock and ask what on earth has happened to our skin! Skins damaged by UV may exhibit symptoms from mild prickly heat and erythema to wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and premature ageing.  It also carries the potential for Skin Cancer which has become a global phenomenon, getting an increasing number of column inches in all the papers! Over one million new cases are diagnosed every year and the number of reported cases has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Over 2,000 people die from skin cancer each year in the United Kingdom. We are also seeing an increase in pigmentation patches in younger individuals, often suggested to be further exacerbated by the contraceptive pill, stress and artificially-fragranced products.


Prepare your skin by exfoliating, moisturising and protecting, you can ensure that your dull, pale winter skin will become smooth, bright and healthy for the coming months – no matter how the weather behaves. And remember, UV causes up to 90% of skin ageing so stay protected – leather handbag skin isn’t a good look!

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