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talking through your eyes…

Eyes are a strong communication tool and are often referred to as ‘the window to our soul’. However there are some communication signals we are less happy for our eyes to reveal such as stress, fatigue and ageing. We would much rather our eyes told everyone we are youthful, vibrant and healthy!


The skin around the eyes is thinner and produces less oil, therefore requires a specialist product designed for their specific concerns. Look for products that contain an SPF for daytime use. Dehydration can lead to fine lines and puffiness, so use a hydrating cream specifically formulated for the eyes. Total Eye Care SPF15 instantly smooth’s fine lines and diminishes dark circles. The US Oprah Magazine says “A beach essential that blocks rays while smoothing skin and brightening dark shadows”


Take care to use cooler water when removing eye make-up, and don’t be too heavy handed with this delicate skin. Many of the eye make-up removers on the market today contain a variety of ingredients which cause harmful, long term damage to the skin.


Emphasis is often placed upon quick and effective removal at the cost of caring for the vital skin around the eyes. This important care step is often omitted and left to the after care products.


Plastic surgeons attempting to remove puffiness and bags have discovered that long-term use of products such as petroleum jelly and baby lotion containing mineral oil cause this particular ingredient to accumulate and become lodged underneath the tissues in this region.


Dermalogica’s Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover has been specially designed to quickly and effectively remove all traces of eye and lip make-up. Its silky smooth gel formulation is pH balanced to the delicate eye area in order to avoid the discomfort commonly associated with multi-purpose removers. It also contains silk proteins, which soften, smooth and condition the skin around the eye and lip area, and promote the growth of longer, fuller lashes.

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