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Yesterday we celebrated and embraced the power, strength and passion of Women. International Women’s Day is acknowledged throughout the world annually on the 8th March, with thousands of events being held to inspire women and celebrate achievements. Having a day dedicated internationally to acknowledge the power of a women’s potential speaks volumes, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We are proud to be strong, independent women every day!

There was a time when women were thought to be unsuitable to own their own business. Too nurturing, emotional, passionate and sensitive, but today it is our passion, nurture and female qualities that have made us the amazing business women we are! Women have the freedom to be whatever we want to be, we now see women in parliament, women in board meetings, hospitals and schools. In fact 98% of all professional skin therapists are women, and these professionals attract a clientele which is 92% female—literally creating more woman entrepreneurs than any other industry in the world! We are exceeding all expectations once expected of us, and we are so thankful for the opportunity.

At Dermalogica® we are passionate about helping a women help themselves. With over 75,000 skin therapist in over 80 country’s using Dermalogica we are so proud to be part of this inspiring female revolution.

Unfortunately, not all parts of the world embrace female empowerment as much as us. But we can all do our bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding. This is why we started FITE. Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship, a global empowerment platform for women in the developing world. Our mission is to provide women entrepreneurs access to small loans that will help them start or grow a business.

Every day we help a women invest in her potential, and we are continually inspired by your examples of courage and strength. Thank you for contributing to the empowerment of women and your community’s. We love having an International Women’s Day, but let’s make it Women’s Day every day!

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