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in the know on winter skin

Cracked, chapped, dry and tight? Our skin can need a little TLC over the winter months. The harsher climates of winter verses the warmer, dryer atmosphere indoors can cause havoc with our skin. The central heating literally leeches out all the moisture from our skin and the air, leaving our skin looking dull, flaky and dehydrated.

Hands also take a beating during the colder months as they too are exposed to the elements. This coupled with frequent hand washing and generous applications of antibacterial hand sanitizer, to fight off colds, can lead to extremely dry skin.

Try opening windows a fraction as often as possible to allow moist air into the room for your skin and try keep lips protected from all the elements with a conditioning healing balm for the healthiest smile.

Try Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair underneath your moisturiser to help build up your protective barrier or some Skin Hydrating Booster to quench your thirsty skin with an extra dose of hydration.

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