Dermalogica Foundation

Dermalogica Foundation

Dermalogica is proud to be a leader in an industry that gives women entrepreneurs more opportunities for growth than any other. In fact, the vast majority of our network of 100,000+ professional skin therapists are women, as are a large percentage of their clients. To celebrate these women's pivotal role in our successes as a brand, The Dermalogica Foundation was formed in 1999 to nurture and support underserved women and girls looking to gain economic security for themselves and their families.
In 2010, Dermalogica furthered its commitment and centered its focus by fostering the launch of a new global platform that helps women entrepreneurs start or grow a business. joinFITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) is powered by, and is a public education and capital-raising campaign to direct loans to women entrepreneurs in 57 countries around the world, including the United States. Learn more about joinFITE at our dedicated joinFITE page.

Featured Entrepreneur

Betty, who lives in Colombia, used her loan to grow her hair salon.

Meet Betty in this short video, filmed at her hair salon!

Betty Domínguez has a hairdressing business in La Magdalena neighborhood. This is Betty's first loan, and she will invest it in buying beauty and personal care products and hairdressing supplies that she needs for her beauty treatments, such as hair straightener, shampoo and rinse. This will be a successful investment as she will receive discounts for buying in large quantities, which will also help keep prices reasonable for her customers. Betty started her business ten years ago and she runs it from her parents' home. There she provides her customers with haircuts, hair straightening, pedicures and manicures.

Betty's dream is to own a hair and beauty product wholesalers as well as an academy where she can teach students the techniques that she knows so well and that she would like to hand down to other generations so that they can turn this knowledge into a business that makes them income and permanent work. Betty's biggest challenge is having her own home where she can comfortably locate her small business. For this reason, she takes care every day to work hard in order to make the savings she needs to achieve this.